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Hello and Welcome! I'm Hilary

Nothing makes me happier than helping people transform their health. I help people who have tried everything to lose weight and feel better but keep circling around the same few pounds. I give you the tools and knowledge to take back control of your life and make your aspirations into a reality. Whether you feel stuck with your weight, digestion, or energy and are ready to make lasting changes, I can help!

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What makes working with Volition Dietitian different than the others?

When you work with Hilary you are getting more than your typical dietitian or coach. Not only does she have personal experience changing her own physique- prepping for and competing in several amateur body building competitions, she also has advanced clinical experience as well as post graduate training in functional medicine.

NPC Body Building – Vancouver Open 4/3/21 – 3rd place, Emerald Cup 4/21/21 – 3rd Place

Clinical Experience – Lifetime career in various healthcare roles. Starting as a CNA out of high school, becoming a phlebotomist, Medical Assistant, Dietitian, and working in the areas of weight loss, diabetes, metabolic disorders and functional medicine. Hilary worked under Dr. Ramaley, ND DC DACNB of Seattle Natural Health where she interned with him for several months, and eventually turned info a full time job, learning practical application of Functional Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, blood work interpretation, cold lasers, and proper use of herbs and supplements to treat disease.

Education – Completing 2 degrees, and post graduate work in nutrition and functional medicine, as well as 1200 supervised hours through her Dietetic Internship. Hilary has continue her education in Functional Medicine through Susan Allen’s IFMNT 2 year course in Functional Medicine, which provides in depth knowledge of blood work analyzation, use of targeted herbs and supplements to manage and correct chronic conditions, gut cleansing and microbiome disorders, and true detoxification at the cellular level – no gimmicky juice cleanses here!

Private Practice – As the founder and owner of Volition Dietitian LLC, Hilary has been instrumental in transforming the lives of numerous individuals seeking fat loss and physique transformation. With a keen focus on personalized nutrition coaching, she helps her clients unlock their full potential and achieve their desired body composition goals. Her expertise extends beyond weight management, as we also provide functional nutrition guidance for various health concerns such as hypothyroidism, inflammation, optimizing performance and energy levels, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, microbiome testing, and food elimination diets.

Her approach is rooted in evidence-based practices and a deep understanding of the complex interplay between nutrition, health, and well-being. By tailoring our strategies to each individual’s unique needs and goals, she empowers her clients to make sustainable lifestyle changes that lead to long-term success. Through one-on-one consultations, personalized macronutrient plans, and ongoing support, she guides her clients on their path to optimal health, vitality, and self-confidence.

I can help you with



We are good at what we like. “Weight loss” has a negative connotation and doesn’t sound like fun, but you can change that! You alone decide what to focus on.


At each moment you're in control of your (weight loss) journey– so don’t let self-limiting beliefs stop you. You can decide to create a better version of yourself, but it starts with a decision for change. Only you can make that choice!


Learn how micronutrient deficiencies affect your energy, mood, stress levels, skin, and more.


Identify your stressors and come up with strategies for dealing with them. Are you missing sleep? This will increase your cravings for sweets and cause you to eat more calories. Stress and sugar aggravate dysbiosis in your intestine and perpetuate hormonal dysregulation.

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