I’ve been reading about parasites for quite some time now

Diving into the research about prevalence in the United States, how we get them, how they disrupt health, and how do I know if I have one??? 

This is likely a topic many people are not familiar with, as it has not hit mainstream yet. Although I am going to do my best to change that and bring awareness.

Symptoms of parasites are quite vague, and overlap with many other conditions. OR there may be no symptoms at all. 
A few of the top symptoms:
-IBS or digestive pain
-rectal bleeding
-increased/decreased appetite 
-body aches/pains
-increased food sensitivities

You can see how these symptoms are extremely non specific and are pretty typical of other diseases or disorders. 

However, because I kept reading how insomnia was at the top of the list, I’ve often wondered if this is something that has contributed to my long standing history with insomnia. Then I heard podcast that covered this very topic of parasites and how someone whom I deeply respect in the nutrition community decided to do a parasite cleanse. She described her experience and what came out of her body. I could tell she was trying to be polite and hold back some details for the sake of “not grossing people out” which I appreciate, but also was fascinated that this dietitian who I know to be clean eater, athlete, takes good care of her health and body would have parasites come out!! 

This got me thinking, if she can have parasites maybe I too am harboring some unwanted bugs! It took me a while to work up the courage to order the supplements, subconsciously I didn’t want to think about my body harboring parasites. I wanted to believe that that wouldn’t happen to me. Plus, I have taken a GI-Map stool test that is supposed to identify parasites, worms and other pathogens. My test came back negative for parasites and worms. (Albeit I did have some bacterial dysbiosis). HOWEVER, come to find out, the GI-Map test is often negative for worms because these critters don’t hang out in feces, they are attached to the mucus layer of the small intestine. So guess what came out when I did the parasite cleans? [insert horror and trauma]

Once I got over my initial shock and disgust, I did notice some immediate health benefits:
1) Better sleep!! I always track my sleep quality with my Fitbit. On average I get about 9-12% deep sleep. This shot up to 20% as soon as I passed the parasites. I’ve been falling asleep faster, and able to sleep in later when I need to.

2) Increased concentration and focus during the day. I’ve never taken adderall, but this is what I imagine it feels like. I could finally read a book and not lose interest 10 seconds in. 

3) Stable energy throughout the day. I no longer needed my 5 cups of extremely strong brewed coffee. 2 cups in the morning and that’s all I needed. 

4) Significantly less food sensitivities. I’m a huge advocate for avoiding foods that cause inflammation, however, I’ve personally been extremely sensitive to many different foods. I RARELY eat bread/gluten because this seems to affect me the most. And I still will probably not be filling up on breads any time soon, BUT I noticed that I was able to digest bread without the immediate side effects of lethargy, GI distress, and insomnia.  

5) Skin improvements. This may be more of an aesthetic one, but I swear the pores on my face shrunk and I have much fewer blemishes/breakouts. Normally, drinking alcohol, and eat gluten and sugar will 100% make me breakout even if just a little. I’ve been on vacation eating all the gluten, and drinking every night and my skin improved! Impossible!?  

Because of this experience, and my remarkably improved quality of life I knew I had to share. Although I do not love to talk about my bathroom experience (as we’ll call it,) this is too important to keep to myself. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my life. 

A note on the products I used – the Brand is called Cell Core Bioscience. I started with their “Gut Cleanse” protocol. 

Its important to note the brand, because prior to using these products, I had been using other herbal products (which contained some of the same ingredients) purchased on Amazon that did NOT produce this same effect. This was a big eye opener on how brand and quality of supplements makes a profound difference. 

If anyone resonates with the above mentioned symptoms, I would strongly suggest doing your own parasite cleanse and see how your energy and quality of life improve. 

Please be mindful that it is recommended to work with someone during this process, as herxheimer reactions may occur. A herxheimer reaction is simply a short term side effect of detoxification, where your symptoms can get worse before they get better. Not everyone experiences herxheimer reactions, (I did not) but this is a real thing that can happen. You may notice skin rash, flu-like symptoms, sore throat, nausea, general malaise etc while you are “detoxing.” Parasites themselves are often not the source of symptoms, they give off toxic biproducts that cause symptoms. So when parasites die off during the cleanse they expel all their toxicity and you may then notice an increase in symptoms, ie. the herxheimer reactions. 
The Cell Core “gut cleanse” incorporates a biotoxin binder that minimizes any potential side effects, but its good to be aware that this can happen. 

So how the heck to people get parasite???

Many different ways. If you have traveled to third world countries this will increase your likelihood of getting parasites, but its a bit of a myth that this is the ONLY way we get parasites. If you live on or grew up on a farm, live with or grew up with a pet, if you eat sushi, pork, or any food that is cross contaminated with parasites. Some parasites are transmitted sexually, so it’s recommended to do this cleanse along with your spouse or partner. 

Some people say “if you have a pulse you have a parasite” I don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know that our detection methods are sorely lacking. 

According the research articles I dove into, about 20% of the general population in the world has parasites, but its my personal opinion that this number is actually a bit higher, since detecting them is a limitation. 

Even the CDC has this to say about parasites: 
“They’re more common in the US than people realize and yet there is so much we don’t know about them.” 

Read full CDC article here

Regardless of how we get them, I want everyone to be empowered with how to REMOVE them. As of today, May 17th, 2021 the most powerful products on the market that I know of are the Cell Core products. 

Go to https://cellcore.com/

You are required to create an account in order to purchase their products, so you will need this direct code to create your account and purchase the cleanse: tjPO6DUb

As always, if you need help or guidance, go to my website and schedule an appointment, I make it my business to get back to people as soon as possible. I know how important it is to receive help right away, so I try not to keep people waiting. 

Happy cleansing! 


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