Fat loss and body transformations

Fat loss and body transformations

Physique transformation is about achieving optimal wellness, as well as physical fitness. I include wellness coaching (hormonal issues, gut health, lab interpretation, etc.) in addition to providing diet and exercise information. 

 If your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, and do so in the healthiest way possible this is for you. If you’ve been caught in a cycle of cutting calories, but not seeing the results you want if you’ve been exercising, but still not losing fat or changing shape, this is for you. Includes a combination of coaching and functional nutrition support. I utilize macro tracking, meaning you will need to keep track of your macronutrients, if you don’t know how, I will teach you!

3-month package: 400/month – Fat Loss Coaching 

Who is right for this program? You have 20-75 lbs to lose, otherwise healthy and no history of recent dieting (past 1-2 years). Example, 1 year postpartum mother looking to lose the baby weight


  • Average client loses 3-5 lbs first week 
  • 1 lb per week of body fat is targeted there after
  • Drop about 2%-4% body fat per month
  • Lasting sustainable change in physique 
  • Become your own expert on fat loss 
  • Learn exactly how much you CAN eat while losing body fat

I cover what to eat, how much to eat, supplements to take, what supplements not to waste your money on, and how to optimize your metabolism.

This program includes:


  • 1 Coaching email per week
  • Access to google document spreadsheet that keeps track of all your stats
  • Your target macros- exactly how much protein, carbs, and fat you need to eat
  • Weekly email Check-ins (see my blog post on what these entail)
  • Monthly InBody Scans
  • Workout plan designed for fat loss and physique sculping 
  • Targeted-to-your-body-supplement recommendations for nutrient deficiencies, performance, energy, optimal wellness, sleep, Etc. 

3-month package: 1200/month, All Inclusive, Fat Loss and Wellness Makeover 

Who is right for this program? You’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss journey. Or, perhaps you are not in optimal health,  you have a history of dieting, under eating, or restricting in calories for whatever reason. You have tired to lose weight recently with little or no success. You have concerns about gut health/sleep/metabolism/thyroid/ or other conditions. You have great communication and are passionate about real lasting change. 

Benefits you can expect  

  • Quantum leap yourself into the next threshold of health and fitness
  • Meet version 2.0 of YOU 
  • Improve energy levels, sleep, gut health, feel more vibrational and effective
  • Restore your metabolism
  • Lose body fat the right way
  • Build muscle and sculpt physique according to your goals 
  • Become your own expert on fat loss and your nutrition 
  • Learn exactly how much you CAN eat while losing body fat
  • Use what you learned in this 3 month program to continue your physique journey at your own pace 
  • Stop struggling and spending endless amounts of money on gimmicks that don’t work

What you get: 

  • Weekly coaching calls reviewing your stats and optimizing your plan
  • Monthly InBody Scans
  • Fitness focused blood work 
  • Example labs may be food sensitivity test, thyroid panel, wellness markers looking at nutrient deficiencies,  inflammation, or hormones 
  • Access to wholesale pricing on the highest quality protein powders, pre-workouts, and other supplemen

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