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Please take some time to familiarize yourself with how my process works. As I am involved in body building, these guidelines have been created similar to how check-ins work for body builder athletes, but is also an amalgamation of what I’ve learned working on clinical trials in weight loss, and as a Dietitian. I tailor all recommendations to you, and what I think you are capable of handling at a given point in your journey. Check-in’s do not need to be perfect, but they do need to contain enough information for me to help you. Good communication is paramount in this process! 

Weekly check-in emails must contain:

  • Weekly diary – keeps track of your macros, exercise, and other stats such as weight, and measurements. 
  • Check-in photos – Front, back, and side view. Attire may be in a bathing suite, underwear, or sports bra and athletic shorts. Whatever you feel most comfortable in. Ideally the photos will be taken in the same lighting, same outfit, fasted state, first thing in the morning before food or drink. Some are a bit shy about sending check-in photos. This may be outside your comfort zone, however, this is a large part of your journey. The scale will not always show your progress! It is imperative in a fat loss journey to take photos regularly. If I cannot see your physique, I cannot guarantee that the nutrition recommendations will be accurate for you. If you do not want to send them to me, you must at the very least take photos for yourself, and confirm that this has been done.
  • A short synopsis of how your week went. How did you feel energy wise? What did you do well? What didn’t go so well? What you want to work on? Include any questions you have. If you find yourself writing long paragraphs, it may be time to connect with the 30 minute monthly phone call. The 30 minute phone call is scheduled upon your request. If everything is going smoothly, you may not need this phone call.

Additional info:

  • In general I will send one primary email that contains everything you need to focus on for the coming week. My feedback emails are very thorough and relevant to your particular point in the journey. I may send additional emails with a max of 3 per week.
  • Test message and Instagram DMs: If you are a current client you have my cell phone number. I encourage communication and love hearing from my clients, esp when you share your wins, it makes my day! Examples of appropriate text messages:
    • “Down another pound this morning! I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share with you!”
    • “Oops sorry I forgot to send my check-in, but will get to you tomorrow!”
    • “Hey Hilary! Would love to connect for our monthly phone call, when are you free?”
  • There are so many platforms of communication, please do not share any info that you want me to remember over text message/social media, this needs to sent over email so I can keep track of the conversation. Please do not share check-in photos over text message.

Invoices and payment:

  • Everyone will be put on automatic invoicing every 4 weeks, weeks (unless you paid for a package in advance) depending on the package you chose, if you need to drop off you must let me know one week in advance and so I can cancel the automation.
  • In general, refunds will not be given. You are responsible for letting me know when you want to drop off. 
  • Card number’s may be collected prior to the first visit to avoid no shows and late shows. There is a $45 fee for no shows and cancelation within 24 hr of the visit. 

Referrals: If you send a referral, both you and the new clients will receive a discount on your monthly coaching. 

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